Brussel has a new cultural powerhouse

Brussel has a new cultural powerhouse

Pilar opens on VUB campus

Today at 17.00, a new house of art and science opens on the VUB campus. The inauguration of Pilar will take place in the presence of rector Caroline Pauwels and ministers Pascal Smet, Benjamin Dalle and Sven Gatz. Pilar will house a multidisciplinary room and exhibition space, and will later be home to Bar Pilar.

Pilar is the successor to the legendary KultuurKaffe; the team behind it hope it will grow into one of the most important cultural hotspots for young people in Brussels. Coordinator Lieselotte Vaneeckhaute: “Pilar will be an open, artistic laboratory in Brussels. A place created for and by young people. A centre that provides space for the cross-fertilisation of art and science as well as cultural entrepreneurship. A place in which talent development is central. Pilar presents, experiments, breeds, creates, researches, mixes, blends and involves.”

The focus of Pilar is two-sided. On one side, it provides a platform for budding and innovative artists as well as those who are more established. Disciplines are more intertwined than ever and Pilar aims to cross the borders between them. On the other side, Pilar will develop accessible ways to involve young people in all areas of its operations, and to support forward-looking thinkers and doers with entrepreneurial ambitions. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the VUB, Pilar also hosts the exhibition JRSLM, which opens its doors tonight.

The new culture house begins with a new building, a new operation and a new name. Vaneeckhaute: “KultuurKaffee has given us so much and we are grateful for that. In the meantime, though, the context has changed significantly, bringing with it a new story. That new story demands a new name that expresses our ambitions. ‘Pilar’ unites science (pi) and art (l’art) to create the pillar that we want to be for young and upcoming talent. That’s our focus.”

First edition Pilar ASAP

The inauguration also means the launch of Pilar ASAP, a twice-yearly multidisciplinary artistic festival. Called “the For X’s Sake Edition”, the first event focuses on philosophy and the meaning of life in contemporary society. Pilar ASAP offers a challenging and varied programme of debates, workshops, performances and concerts, with the work of (young) artists at its heart. The opening evening will end with a party featuring performances from Belgian musical talent such as IKRAAAN, Rare Akuma, DVTCH NORRIS, Black Mamba and Yooth.

Opening programme

17.00     Inauguration ceremony including welcome from Caroline Pauwels and panel discussions with Lieselotte Vaneeckhaute, Professor Hans De Wolf, Pascal Smet, Benjamin Dalle and Sven Gatz about Pilar, new infrastructure, the importance of Pilar for Brussels, the JRSLM exhibition and culture on campus

17.40     Unveiling of commemorative plaque

17.45     Ceremony ends, reception begins

20.00     Concerts


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Lieselotte Vaneeckhaute Coördinator Pilar
Lieselotte Vaneeckhaute Coördinator Pilar
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