VUB students establish gaming and esports association

VUB students establish gaming and esports association

VUB Gaming is only Belgian university team in international UniRocketeers competition

VUB Gaming is a new association for gaming and esports. Gaming is about pure entertainment, while esports is about gaming in competition, where participants can earn money. The members of VUB Gaming choose whether to play for fun or in competition, and the association has been successful internationally.

The association was the only team from a Belgian university to participate in the international UniRocketeers competition. It secured a place in the tournament by winning the Rocket League Winter Clash against teams from ULB, UGent, UHasselt, KdG and PXL. In UniRocketeers they competed against educational institutions from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

VUB Gaming was founded six months ago by a few VUB students, to offer gaming opportunities to everyone at the university with a passion for games. Today the club has 15 members, including 12 players and three board members. “VUB Gaming is a club for and by gamers. We want to introduce VUB students to the rapidly growing gaming industry and show them how this world works,” says spokesperson Anton Weyers. “We offer more than just gaming: it’s about the total experience. We support all gaming and esports-related initiatives at VUB and we organise tournaments that every VUB student can take part in.”

Competing at national and international level

Students who want to test their skills at the highest level are welcome, and VUB Gaming regularly sends members to national and international competitions. The Rocket League esport team, also known as the E-Foxes, competes against teams from universities all over Europe. The team’s goal is to be number 1 in the European rankings, which will earn them a direct ticket to the World Championships.

Programme and members

VUB Gaming focuses on as many games as possible and currently plays FIFA, Rocket League and CS:GO competitively. Weyers: “On a European level, they are venturing into the University Rocketeers and University Esports Masters. On a national level, our two teams take part in the Belgian Student League, in which they compete against other Belgian universities and colleges.”

In addition, VUB Gaming has a number of successful members, such as Emino Mercy, who has recently collected gold medals playing FIFA. The Rocket League team – Bram, LXS, Absolute Zero, Max and Showdance, all VUB students – is also on an unbeaten run in the Belgian Student League. They won the Belgian league and are now competing against universities from 11 European countries. Finally, there is the CS:GO team led by LynX, who will play their first competition this Saturday, 26 March.

Follow VUB Gaming and find out more about these events via their social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. VUB also offers an Expert Class in Esports Management.


More information VUB Gaming

[email protected], [email protected]


Teams and members

Belgian Student League

University Rocketeers

University Esport Masters

Emino Mercy

Rocket League members: bramdeswaggerd, Lxs_RL, LuanKanber

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Sicco Wittermans
Sicco Wittermans Spokesperson Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Sicco Wittermans
Sicco Wittermans Spokesperson Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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