VUB to give students an idea platform

Belgian start-up CitizenLab launches VOX.VUB

From today students and staff at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) can share their opinion and ideas on the university’s policy on a brand-new online participation forum. VUB and the Belgian start-up CitizenLab christened VOX.VUB yesterday. The university wants to be the first Flemish university that includes both students and staff actively in its policy decisions with an online platform as a pilot project. 

On VOX.VUB students and staff can share their ideas to make the university even better. The platform offers a positive space where every member of the VUB community can make constructive suggestions on how VUB’s policy, its services, facilities and communications can improve further. It wants to be an addition to the existing information, contact and registration points and offer a tool for existing working groups that wish to follow a participative approach. It is a pilot project, in which the university first want to include its students.
VOX.VUB is a part of a broader participative trajectory at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This platform is specifically aimed to simplify and encourage participation. Everyone active at VUB - students and staff - is welcome, to realise concrete and positive changes in VUB policy and operations. 
VUB and CitizenLab invite everyone to take a closer look at the platform and register at VOX.VUB is also open to new initiatives in the future. 


Innovative participation policy 

The three founders of the Brussels start-up CitizenLab, Aline Muylaert, Wietse Van Ransbeeck en Koen Gremmelprez, are all alumni of VUB and as such very proud to launch this project. “Online participation lowers the threshold for a student to voice his concerns. We are honoured to be a part of our alma mater’s first steps towards a more innovative participation policy”, states Wietse Van Ransbeeck.
The VOX.VUB platform was officially launched on February 22nd at VUBrusselt, an event organised by the Student Council at which students are invited to come and discover Brussels. This year the event was centered around the topic of student participation and off course the new online platform could not be absent there. 

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