VUB researchers premiere revolutionary radar technology 

VUB researchers premiere revolutionary radar technology 

Flemish Brabant and VUB take big steps towards innovative building inspections 

After two years of dedicated research led by VUB, the InToWall project has made a breakthrough in reducing the carbon emissions of buildings and increasing their energy efficiency. Overseen by the VUB’s Electronics & Informatics (ETRO) research group, and co-funded by the province of Flemish Brabant, the project has developed transient radar method (TRM), a revolutionary radar technology for inspecting building insulation. 

Unprecedented precision 

The new technology enables the measurement of the density of glass wool in cavity walls with unprecedented precision, without the need for invasive methods. “These advances not only promise to improve the accuracy of insulation assessments but also contribute to the ambition of achieving carbon-neutrality by 2050,” says Professor Johan Stiens of ETRO.  

“Flemish Brabant is an innovative province. The most important resource for this innovation is knowledge, which can be found at universities, colleges, businesses and civil society organisations,” says Ann Schevenels, provincial deputy responsible for the economy. “We are nurturing this innovation through Smart Hub Flemish Brabant and co-investing in innovative projects.” 

Demonstration of the InToWall radar technology at the Green Energy Park. From left to right: Professor Johan Stiens, Ali Pourkazemi, Ashkan Zarghami, and Iliya Hakani. Photo by K. Stein.
Demonstration of the InToWall radar technology at the Green Energy Park. From left to right: Professor Johan Stiens, Ali Pourkazemi, Ashkan Zarghami, and Iliya Hakani. Photo by K. Stein.

Unique demonstration 

With an eye on the future, the project team is focusing on refining the technology to map a wide range of insulation materials and building elements. This prospect of expansion and application on a larger scale highlights the possibilities. The InToWall project was celebrated as part of the FTI Brussels Festival of innovation and technology. A unique demonstration was given in Zellik near Brussels on 18 March for the media, businesses and stakeholders interested in the latest developments in green technologies and energy efficiency. The results can be seen in this KanaalZ report

The team is inviting potential partners to contribute to and participate in this pioneering venture. Such collaboration can see the construction industry transition towards a more sustainable and efficient future. 

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The ETRO research group leads the way when it comes to pioneering innovations and open-minded education. With more than 150 researchers from around the world, it is known for its ability to try new things and think outside the box, its cosmopolitan attitude, teamwork and enthusiasm to explore new areas of R&D. With its international network of partners, it has created an attractive ecosystem built around entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity. 


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Green Energy Park vzw was established as a collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel. As a strategic living lab, based at the Research Park Zellik, Green Energy Park vzw stimulates cooperation between businesses, knowledge institutes, governments and end users by offering its unique living labs as a space to test and refine innovative developments in a life-like environment. Through this living lab, and its knowledge, expertise and training centre, Green Energy Park vzw aims to connect research and the economy. It focuses on three domains: energy and climate, health and platform technologies.    


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The Research Park Zellik is a green science park managed by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Once a brownfield site, the area has been transformed into a thriving hub for science and innovation. The park is strategically located in the Flemish periphery of Brussels, close to the capital and major transport connections such as Brussels Airport and the E40 motorway. The campus extends over 19 hectares and houses unique digital infrastructure, including a sustainable CO2-neutral Nexus Data Centre and the next Flemish Supercomputer. It boasts top facilities including the state-of-the-art 7 Tesla MRI scanner for medical applications and the first robotics cluster in Flanders. These elements mean the park has all it needs to become a leading innovation hub for the whole of Flanders, where Flemish and international technology companies collaborate on socially important solutions in areas such as energy and climate, ICT and robotics, pharmaceuticals and health. There are currently 70 research-driven companies based there, and its infrastructure and top-class facilities are available to businesses and other universities.  

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