New study on EMOTION and MEANING GIVING in COVID-times

New study on EMOTION and MEANING GIVING in COVID-times

"Welcome! How are you doing in the meanwhile?"

The pandemic affects not only our physical health, but also how we experience our lives and give meaning to our existence. By means of a large-scale study, scientists from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in collaboration with Ghent University, aim to investigate the further impact of the pandemic on emotion and meaning of life. More concretely, the scientists want to investigate how you experience the pandemic now second wave emotionally compared to the first wave, how we deal with it, how it affects your health and sleep, but above all, how meaning is given to our lives, and whether this period also offers an opportunity to come out of it stronger. Has life taken on a different meaning? Is more or less thought given to the major themes in life, such as the meaning of life, death and one's own freedom? Are we less unhappy or do we deal with it differently? How do people experience themselves, their own connection with others, their work,...? 


The researchers are now looking for candidates who are prepared to participate. Dutch version of the questionnaire:  


English version of the questionnaire: 


If you have any questions, you can contact us: at  

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